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Empyrion Survival

Play a space exploring survival game with us! Play in a PvE or PvP play field!

7 Days to Die

We have 2 PvE servers and 1 PvP server
Builder Friendly and HardCore for PvE. Kill or be Killed PvP


Join us in our building worlds of Valheim. Includes server merge portals! Join a different world and start building where ever you want! Specially feature a world change portal area!

Want Admins

Familiar with a game we dont run? Think you have what it takes to Admin this game? Contact Jeru about being Admin on a new server for 3rdCoastServers!

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Join our discord and feel free to get involved in the community with us!


No Lag Games

Experience some of the best gaming services available to mankind! All of our servers are carefully managed by our teams!

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Thanks from the 3rdCoastServers team!

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7 Days to Die
Ark: Survival Evolved
Conan Exiles
Empyrion Survival
Rust (Includes uMod)

Web Store

All items in our player store can be crafted by using our tokens that can be rewarded in games. For more information, visit our discord and check out the game category channel labeled 3rdCoastTokens!

Speed up your game progress using our player shop and help support our community!

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